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February 07, 2009 (webmaster)
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Responsible for the content of these pages is the [Interner Link]Chaos Computer Club e.V.. Comments and opinions about certain pages/topics can be sent directly to the author or editor via the "feedback" button at the top of each page.

Office address:

    Chaos Computer Club e.V.
    Humboldtstrasse 53
    22083 Hamburg
    Germany, Europe
    +49 40 401801 40

Registered at the Amtsgericht Hamburg, VR-Nr. 10940

Advice how to contact us can be found at [Interner Link]/contact. If you want to meet us i.r.l. see the [Interner Link]Chaostreffs.

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Of all visits we keep (and store for an undefinite time) information about:

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The ip address from which the page was requested is not kept. Thus it is nearly impossible to conclude anything about a single visitor on the basis of our log data. We don't use cookies to identify visitors. We don't give the logged data to any third party. As a usual precaution we try to secure our server so that no other party gains access to this data.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin