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Electronic Frontier Norway (EFN)

14. Januar 2002 (sz)
A non-profit civil liberties public interest organization working to protect freedom of expression, privacy, and access to online resources and information, inspired by Electronic Frontier Foundation in the USA

Country: Norway

Home page: [Externer Link]

E-mail: [Interner Link]?

Year of foundation: 1995

Description: EFN started as a discussion list for Information Politics and legal rights in Cyberspace, after model of Electronic Frontier Foundation. The discussion list soon discovered that, even though it had a lot to say to Norwegian media, it had no way to reach a sufficent consensus online as a basis for public statements. This started a discussion about the formal stucture of EFN. An Interim Board was given the task to organize a General Assembly and establish a formal structure for EFN.

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