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Chaos Update

January 01, 2009 (webmaster)
Chaos Update is a public announcement forum for dates, events, news, press releases etc. of the CCC

Chaos Update on the web

Latest updates can be found on our [Interner Link]welcome page. Updates of the last years:

Chaos Update as RDF

Want to integrate the latest 10 chaos updates in your webpage or keep informed with your newsticker application? Use our RDF RSS source from [Interner Link]chaosupdates.rdf. Sorry, the RDF is only availabe in german for now.

Chaos Update as email

The updates are available by email, too. You have to write an empty email to [Mail] Then you will receive an automatic reply, answer that and you are subscribed.

And when our slobbering gets on your nerves just write another empty email to [Mail] Confirm the reply and your are out. Sometimes life can be really easy.

Chaos Update is solely for announcements and no discussion board. Mails to go directly to /dev/null. For chattering take the [Interner Link]debate mailing list

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